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The loan privileges are different for the various categories of membership. Please click here.
It is a computerized card access control system used by UCSI University Library to improve security by ensuring that only authorized users are allowed to enter the library. Staff/ Student ID cards are used to authenticate and gain access into the library via the barrier gate.
As the opening hours may vary from time to time, please check the Library Website, UCSI Library Facebook or library notice boards for further details.
UCSI University staff or student who wants to place bookings for a discussion room are allowed to place on the same-day or walk-in request depends on the availability of the rooms. Please proceed to circulation counter.
Self-check machine enables you to do the borrowing of library books by yourself. This is to avoid lineups at the circulation counter.
Book-drop machine enables you to return library books anytime. It operates 24 hours daily.
You may use our OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) to search and locate books in the library. Please click here.
You need to log in to your library account via e-OPAC. Please click here.
For all library items can be renewed for two times.
When books on loan are not returned by the due date, fines of 50 cent per item per day are imposed after the due date of the book.
You may proceed to Circulation Counter and ask from the library staff or please log in to your library account via e-OPAC. Please click here.
You can pay your fines by cash at the Circulation Counter.
You can report your loss or theft to the Circulation Counter. Please note the following conditions:
  • On the date the report is made, user will be given two weeks time to search for the book.
  • If the lost book is already overdue on the date it was reported lost, the calculation for overdue fines will stop on the report date.
  • After the two weeks period is over and the book still not found, the user has to replace the book or make full payment of the cost of the book. In addition to that, the user also needs to pay overdue fines accruing to the book, i.e. fines from the due date to the date reported lost. Please note that loss of a book through theft does not absolve you from payment for the loss.
Please report the damage to the library staff at Circulation Counter when returning the book to the library. Library staff will survey the extent of the damage to ascertain whether you need to pay for the damage.
You can seek assistance from librarian or you may attend Literacy class conduct by the Library.
Some of the databases have been subscribed by the Library are accessible from outside the campus.
Interlibrary Loans are requests for materials not available in UCSI University Library. If Library does not own a book or journal from which an article is required by a user.