Please be informed that we no longer use OpenAthens as the proxy.
Users who are off-campus and want to access online databases can use UCSI VPN as the new proxy.

On-campus users can access the database directly. (Click Here to Access)

What is UCSI VPN?
The UCSI VPN server acts like a proxy, or stand-in, for your web activity. Instead of your real IP address and location, all websites that you visit will only see the IP address and location of the VPN server (UCSI IP Address).

Who can use UCSI VPN?
All staff and students of UCSI can use and access UCSI VPN as long as their names are still listed in IIS and LDAP servers. 

How to use UCSI VPN? 

Please click here

How to install UCSI VPN? 

Mobile Guideline

Android users - Please click here

Apple users - Please click here

Computers Guideline

Windows OS - Please click here

MAC OS - Please click here

VPN Software

VPN software (Please click here

Please note that the setup and configurations are slightly different based on the device and OS version used. If you have any problems or enquiries, please send the report to Computer Services Department at [email protected] .



Users can access the library catalog (OPAC) to search for bibliographic records and the status of library materials from the OPAC terminals.

Users can also:

    i. Check My Account (Checkout item, fine and personal details)

    ii. Renew item/s

    iii. Hold item/s

OPAC terminals are located at the first and third floor.



The library provides literacy class to the students and lecturers. Additionally, groups and individual training are also available upon requests

The objective is to help the students to acquire the skill of becoming information literate that will guide and support their learning as well as research needs.

The library offers training on the following topics:

  1. Plagiarism
  2. Searching technique
  3. Citation
  4. References
  5. Online databases training.

For more info, please contact our librarian at [email protected]



Another advanced service provided by UCSI University library is the Book Drop service. It is a self-return service located on the left side of the library’s main entrance which allows borrowers to return all materials at their own convenient time. When the material is dropped, its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag is instantly reactivated to register the return date of the borrowed material. This offers convenience of returning library items at anytime of the day, even when the library is closed.



Self-Check machine is a fully integrated self-service station that allows users to borrow or checkout library items in a swift and secure manner. It has an intuitive touch screen monitor and a step-by-step guide for everyone’s perusal. It is located at level 1, Block B beside the circulation counter.



Interlibrary/Interlibrary loan is a process when the library request or supply materials from or to another library

  • Intra-library loan is a service that obtains books from any of the UCSI University libraries, located at the UCSI College, Sarawak and SpringHill Campuses.
  • Inter-library loan is a service that obtain books from any of other universities registered under PERPUN (depends on the library policy).

All UCSI University staff and students can use the free Intra-library/Inter-library Loan service to obtain materials that are not held in their respective campus library. Before submitting a request, please ensure that the item is not available at UCSI University KL campus library. Kindly fill up the Intra-library/Inter-library Loan Request form or approach to the library counter if the item is not available. Item requested will be available in ten working days at your campus library. Once the book has arrived, you will receive a notification via your registered UCSI University email. Pick-up/return the items at UCSI University Circulation Counter Services libraries KL/Sarawak/SpringHill/UCSI College.

For more info, please contact our librarian at [email protected] or [email protected].





Document Delivery Services (DDS) provide individual customers and users with copies of documents (mainly articles published in scientific journals) on demand. All UCSI University staff and students can use the free service to obtain articles that are not held in their respective campus library. To use the service, please fill in the Document Delivery Online Request Form and all received requests may take about one week to process. The materials will normally be sent to the requester in PDF format via email when received from document suppliers.

DSS rules and regulations.

For more info, please contact our librarian at [email protected] or [email protected].



Library circulation is about the borrowing and returning of library books and other materials.

Borrow / Return
The borrower may approach the Circulation Counter, located on the first floor of the UCSI University Library, for any borrowing and returning transactions during operation hours. 

You may borrow books from the general section by using a normal loan at the Circulation Counter. Borrowing privileges for the various categories are listed below:

Loan Eligibility 

Membership Type Loan Limit Loan Period
Undergraduate Students 5 books, 2 CDs, 2 magazines Normal (14 days)
Red Spot (24 hours) 
CD & magazine (2 days)
Postgraduate Students 5 books, 2 CDs, 2 magazines Normal (14 days) 
Red Spot (24 hours) 
CD & magazine (2 days)
Academicians 8 books, 5 CDs, 5 magazines

Normal (1 semester)
Red Spot (2 weeks) 
CD & magazine (2 weeks)

Non-Academic Staff 8 books, 5 CDs, 5 magazines

Normal (2 weeks)
Red Spot (2 weeks) 
CD & magazine (2 weeks)