Library collection

Library Collection


Open Collections

Located on the third floor of the library. The open collection consists of general books and materials in various subject areas that can be checked out from the University library.

Red Spot Books

Located on the first floor of the library, the red-spotted reference collection covers rare books and also books on various subjects that are ideal for students conducting their research references. Furthermore, the collection also includes AV materials such as DVDs and music CDs.

Audio Visual (AV) Materials

There are audio visual materials (AV) such as tapes, video cassettes, CDs (audio and video), DVDs, as well as music CDs.

Reference Collections

The reference collections refer to reference books such. These are non-circulating items which are to be used inside the library only.

  1. Dictionaries
  2. Bound Magazines
  3. Theses

Serial Collections

Light reading periodicals which include stories, articles, etc.