Fine Policy

Fine Policy

Official time for determining fines of overdue books and other purposes will be read according to the time shown in the computer system at the circulation counter. If the system is down, the correct time would be determined by the Library staff at the service counter.

Overdue Library materials, including reserved materials, are subject to fines. This Policy applies to all categories of borrowers. The fines for all categories of books and audio-visual materials are assessed at the rates below:


Item Types Charges Overdue per item
Green spot
  • 1-7 days, the rate is RM 0.50 per day
  • Above 7 days, the rate is RM1.50 per day
  • Maximum RM300 per item
Open collection
Redspot Hour- RM 0.50 per hour


Persistent repetition of this offence may result in you being barred from registration for the following semester and eventually non-conferment of your degree/diploma/certificate and the forfeiture of your deposits.

As soon as a fine is incurred, all Library-borrowing privileges will be suspended. Overdue notices are generated every seven (7) days until the third notice, which is clearly marked as FINAL NOTICE. All recorded fines must be settled before borrowing privileges will be reinstated.

One week after the THIRD and FINAL notice, an invoice will be generated in respect of delinquent accounts and sent to the borrower. Overdue books may be subject to replacement costs, accrued fines and a RM20 per item processing fee.

Appeals should be directed to the Chief Librarian.